Monday, June 16, 2008

Word of the Day: Scuppie

The News Limited web-site has reproduced this report, from the Townsville Bulletin on the rise of a new consumer demographic:

Standing for Socially Conscious Upwardly Mobile Persons, scuppies are the most influential consumer group of our time. Just like hippies, they care about society and the environment -- but, just like yuppies, they care about their quality of life and bank balance, too.

The term was coined by the self-confessed American scuppie Chuck Failla: "I'm a professional. I'm ambitious, I like nice things. I want security and a degree of wealth. But I don't like to go after those goals in anything other than a socially conscious way.''

This little news item has the makings of a very entertaining Anti-PC beat-up. For Andrew Bolt and his readers there's the joy of finding another group of PC hypocrites to denounce. For the rest of us there's the pleasure of watching Andrew and his readers completely miss the joke:

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