Friday, December 12, 2003

The Bounder of St Huey's

Episode 2: Hoo-Bloody-Ray for the Hols!

The Story So Far:
Unmitigated oik mark Latham has replaced Simon Crean as head prefect of Curtin House. Head prefect of Menzies House, John Winston Howard is determined that Latham will not take his place as Head Boy of St Huey's in the new school year.

Despite some falling out among the prefects of Menzies House, the prefects common room of Menzies House is solidly behind Howard's campaign to prevent Latham from becoming Head Boy of St Huey's.

There was jubilation throughout the halls of Menzies House; at last, term was over. No more nights of prep and construe for the next three months! As the other boys in the house gathered in the dorms to pack their things for the journey home, most of the prefects gathered for one last time in the prefects' common room, before going their separate ways for the summer.

"I say chaps," remarked Howard "have you heard Latham's latest silly idea? He wants to elect the headmaster! Nothing to say about the gyppoes camping on the rugger field of course."

Robert Hill, Captain of the St Huey's Cadet Corps giggled into his copy of Jane's Infantry Weapons. He was looking for an economical replacement for the Corps' one and only bazooka, which had become too antiquated to make a respectable showing when the St Huey's cadets went on combined exercises with the Washington's corps.

Costello burst into the room, his face blazing with anger.

"I say, this is really too thick!" he ejaculated, "Do you know what that bloody twerp Cadman is up to now?"

Around the room, faces looked to him in expectation.

"He says we should cut the cricket subs! I've worked bloody hard to get the cricket team into the black, and now he's got the bloody junior ticks thinking they ought to get some back."

"It's not that bad an idea," remarked Howard, his mind on the coming contest with Latham "We can't rule it out completely."