Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Feminist women sometimes take the attitude that men just can't take being intellectually inferior to themselves.
Mark at OzConservative.

I know exactly what he means - I've been feeling intellectually inferior to myself all morning and it's not much fun at all. The only good part is that once in a while I get to feel intellectually superior to myself.

There is no evidence that Hicks committed an act of terrorism, though he received more terrorist training than almost any other white man.
Paul Kelly in The Oz.

Well, obviously he didn't mean it that way.


Bullshit and Lies Create Awesome Possibilities

Here's a story you're not seeing at News Limited for some reason, although it's getting a big run at The Age, The SMH and The Brisbane Times. Plus The ABC.

The Industrial Relations Commission in Canberra is currently hearing a claim of unfair dismissal against the Federal Government. The claimant is Trent Smith - I first learnt of the case through the Hansard for the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade (parlinfo web permalink). I've been waiting since for the proverbial brown stuff to hit the proverbial rotating thing.

And now it has. You can find all the news that's fit to Google here. Enjoy.

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