Friday, March 16, 2007


- a fun game of biblioclasm for two or more players.

Playing equipment

One political pamphlet, government form or similar document. Two books per player. The books of all players should be of approximately equal size and weight.

To start play
One player screws up the pamphlet (or other document) in a tight ball and throws it across the room or other playing space. This is the jack.

The Play
Each player in turn reads a particularly egregious passage from one of his/her books, then hurls it at the jack using the hurling action described below. The game ends when all players have hurled both their books at the jack.

The hurling action
The book is held in either hand, open at the central page (or thereabouts), with the thumb resting between the pages and the index and middle fingers touching the front and back cover. Either hand may be used.

The hand is raised to the shoulder, then the book is hurled with a backhand motion, releasing the grip at the end of the arc.

Other methods of throwing the book are not permitted. A player who throws the book with any other action than the proper hurling action is disqualified from the game.

The winner is the player whose books land closest to the jack. Scoring is as in boules or lawn bowls.