Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Debian Daze

I spent a lot of time - some might say far too much - over the weekend setting up Debian on my Linux Box. On the whole it was worth it, give or take one or two unwanted learning experiences. Thanks to one of those, I now know the definitive solution to the problem of getting the ESS AudioDrive 1868 sound card working first time, every time under Debian 4.0r - you add the following line to your /etc/modules file:
Do that, and the sound driver loads at boot time, no questions asked. Simple really. I found that solution on a Ubuntu bulletin board, naturally enough.

So here I sit, with everything more or less hunky-dory, thinking what do I want to do today? What shall I write about? Buggered if I know. I expect to get over that eventually - one of those handwritten to-do lists will probably help. Once you get them up to about twenty items, the impulse to put it all off until tomorrow and write a post instead becomes irresistible. The other alternative is to dive back in,put myself through another learning experience and find a way to sort out this mess:

Update: I've just taken a look at the Free Desktop Menu Standard and the Free Desktop Entry Specification and cleaning up the menu looks a bit much, for today at least. Maybe I'll just join one of the on-line Linux forums and make a pest of myself until someone else comes up with a solution.