Saturday, December 02, 2006

Silly Saturday Challenge

To the Editor of the Argus:

Sir – Allow me to point out to your correspondent “J Sibbald” that the derivation of the expression “not worth a tinker’s dam” is this.

In Flanders during the middle ages a “dam” was the smallest coin of the existing currency, and as tinkers in those days were itinerant, and little better than vagrants, their services were generally rewarded by a “dam” and as no other tradesman would take such small remuneration it became the custom to say if anything was of very small value it was not worth a tinker’s dam.

I noticed recently in an article in one of the magazines the expression “not worth a tinker’s malediction” the writer evidently not caring to use the word “dam” for fear of a “swear word” offending some of his readers.

- Yours &c, J. W. THOMAS

Readers are cordially invited to provide suitably colourful explanations for the expressions “flash as a rat with a gold tooth” or “cunning as a shithouse rat”. Or any other expression of your own choice.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Male Sexual Deprivation – What Are the Facts?

Fact: sexual deprivation can affect any man, regardless of age, income or marital status. Someone you know personally may well be a male sexual deprivee. If it’s your husband or boyfriend you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Fact: due to the social stigma attached to male sexual deprivation, many sexual deprivees hide their condition from friends and family and construct wild tales of their sexual exploits. Has someone you know recently “shared” with you his amazing experience as the only man at a lesbian circle orgy? He hasn’t been getting any for years.

Fact: male sexual deprivation is completely unnecessary. It takes a mere thirty seconds of considerate female attention on a daily basis to end the suffering of most male sexual deprivees.

Join the International Circle Bitch Day of Action on Friday, December 8th, 2006. Wear your Blue Balls with as little embarrassment as you can manage!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Coming Soon - Blue Balls Day

Focussing on the sexual deprivation of men, by women, does not mean that other social problems are okay or don’t exist.

But don’t expect us blokes to give a toss about them if we're not getting our oats.

The Blue Balls Campaign focuses on the sexual deprivation of men by women. Because sexual deprivation of men is a social problem that deserves serious attention. One that has been neglected for far too long.

Sexual deprivation is a serious physical and mental health problem for its victims. In Australia, male sexual deprivees cost the taxpayer millions through provision of anti-depressant medications on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. This needless drain on the economy could easily be avoided if more women were willing to give these sorry buggers a good root.

It’s time to end the silence on the sexual deprivation of men by women. Men - show the world you won’t stand for continuing sexual deprivation by buying a pair of Blue Balls on Blue Balls Day. Wear your Blue Balls with pride with as little embarrassment as you can manage.