Monday, November 27, 2006

Coming Soon - Blue Balls Day

Focussing on the sexual deprivation of men, by women, does not mean that other social problems are okay or don’t exist.

But don’t expect us blokes to give a toss about them if we're not getting our oats.

The Blue Balls Campaign focuses on the sexual deprivation of men by women. Because sexual deprivation of men is a social problem that deserves serious attention. One that has been neglected for far too long.

Sexual deprivation is a serious physical and mental health problem for its victims. In Australia, male sexual deprivees cost the taxpayer millions through provision of anti-depressant medications on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. This needless drain on the economy could easily be avoided if more women were willing to give these sorry buggers a good root.

It’s time to end the silence on the sexual deprivation of men by women. Men - show the world you won’t stand for continuing sexual deprivation by buying a pair of Blue Balls on Blue Balls Day. Wear your Blue Balls with pride with as little embarrassment as you can manage.


Zoe said...


Zoe said...

That looks weird.

I wish there was some kind of generalised mark of approval that one could give rather than having to leave inane comments like that one. But you know what I mean.

tigtog said...

Blue Balls Day is a disgrace. Campaigns like this impugn all women by implying that those of us doing our bit for the sexual satisfaction of our men are responsible for the blue-balls of other men.

And what about the women who are suffering sexual deprivation, eh? WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN? All the emphasis in the media on the sexual deprivation only of men is proof that the masculinist agenda is taking over our society!

Blue Balls Day is just woman-hating propaganda, that's what it is!


FXH said...

gummo - this is one issue where Self Help produces the solution.

Gummo Trotsky said...

Sorry FX, but as serious as the problem of MSD may be, it's no excuse for cruelty to innocent monkeys.