Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Another Great Internet Development

Cup Day, 5 November 2002

I got a little excited this morning when I started up Mailwasher and it notified me that I had a new incoming E-Mail for gummo.trotsky@bigpond.com. Fan mail, at last! or possibly even better hate mail, which would have provided the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my sardonic wit by posting the E-Mail in toto and calling the author a stupid fuck. It wasn't either of those, it was something even better: spam!

The E-Mail invites me to buy silver for less than 25% down. Proclaiming that "Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" it invites me to enter "The Biggest Bull Market in Metals History". It goes on to compare the silver prices and political events of the Iran crisis of 1979, with the current situation, clearly implying that silver prices are certain to rise in 2003 and I should buy in now, while prices are still low.

I'm impressed. Now we can add on-line war profiteering to the list of undoubted benefits the Internet has brought us.

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