Saturday, March 08, 2003

Legal Challenge

Saturday, 8 March 2003

At the moment, it's personally annoying that John Quiggin's blog is proving such a source of inspiration. Anyway, I was thinking about this post and I'm wondering, with so many of the alleged child dumpers now in the country, whether there's any possibility that they could take action under our defamation laws on the whole "Children overboard" lie. Not all of the allegations and comments on the affair were made under the protection of Parliamentary privilege - I'd say, offhand that anything said on either Tonsils' or the other fellows talk-back shows would be fair game for an action, if there was basis in law to bring one. Over to you, legal bloggers.

Update (Sunday, 9 March): Oops, silly me. I meant to canvas the possibility of a class action for defamation.

Update Too (Tuesday, 11 March): not a snowball in hell's chance of such an action winning according to Ken Parish. There goes my John Gresham style legal thriller, all three paragraphs of the first chapter of it. Bugger!

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