Monday, April 28, 2003

Back In the Saddle

I'm house-sitting for the next couple of weeks: in return for feeding three cats, six siamese fighting fish and nine goldfish, I get access to Foxtel. As usual when people go away and leave you in charge of their house, there's been a swag of last minute written and verbal instructions: how to set the video recorder to record Due South each time it's on, when to put out the garbage, where to find the spade if the oldest cat dies and you have to bury it.

Now I have the place to myself, I figure it's time to get back to blogging, although there's a lot to catch up on since I last posted 11 days ago. Just to ease back into things, here's a little gem from AM's Finance Reporter and master of purple prose, Stephen Long, reporting on the OECD's latest economic forecast:

The OECD's forecast was glum enough six months ago. And since then, war and pestilence have further undermined the outlook for economic growth.

Still, with only two of the Four Horsemen of Global Economic Recession abroad, the news isn't too grim: at worst we're in for a period of slow growth ,that is "growth below potential" or "growth below trends". Thank heaven for minor mercies.

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