Thursday, July 17, 2003

Hello There!

Since I added Sitemeter to the blog, I've been having a little fun back-tracking through the referrals to see who's linking to my site. And making the obligatory additions to the blog roll.

Anyway, an overdue "Hello There!" to everyone who's been coming here from Patrick Nielsen Hayden's Electrolite and a less overdue one to readers of Jeremy Osner's READIN. Also to the person who cam via the link at Brad De Long's Semi-Daily Journal, and the person who came via the Sydney Morning Herald breaking news page - although every time I go there looking for the link to Tug Boat Potemkin, it seems to have disappeared again.

And an extra special Hello if you came here from a Google search for "tug boat". I'll bet you're really pissed off right now, especially if you've taken the trouble to get this page translated into Spanish.

Update: I should have known that someone was going to ask what Tire Del Barco Potemkin looks like. Anyone know where I can hunt up a good English to Russian translator?

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