Wednesday, October 01, 2003

US Scrapbook

Walker draws an invidious comparison between our bill and Hubert Humphrey's affirmative action legislation, which he swore would not lead to racial preferences but did. This analogy is inapt. There is absolutely nothing in the Academic Bill of Rights about affirmative action for conservatives or any other group or set of ideas.

One group of students at UNC-Chapel Hill has already made great progress by tackling their administration head-on in their quest to achieve academic diversity and the inclusion of conservative ideas on their campus. The students, led by senior Michael McKnight, and organized under the sponsorship of the Committee for a Better California attracted national attention this summer when they launched a protest in response to UNC’s assignment of Barbara Ehrenreich’s left-wing screed, Nickel and Dimed, as mandatory reading for the incoming freshman class. But their demands did not stop at less biased reading assignments.

In a meeting with school Chancellor James Moeser, the students demanded that the chancellor address the lack of conservative viewpoints presented on their campus. Specifically, they asked that the university devote more money to bringing in speakers representing a wider range of political viewpoints and that they make an effort to recruit more conservative faculty members, who are an underrepresented minority at the school.
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