Thursday, January 29, 2004

Drunken Banker Week - The Penultimate Day

All self-imposed ordeals come to an end sooner or later - sooner if one has any sense - and so it is with Drunken Banker Week. Today's rather perfunctory entry from me is a little bodice-ripper; it shouldn't be too hard to work out where the inspiration came from.

dj at Even Dictators Have Friends has joined in with a drunken banker limerick with a hint that there may be more to come. Here at Tugboat Potemkin there's only one more post to go, of course. It's a complete short story which I've been holding back on the general principle of keeping the best (and longest) for last. Tomorrow, Drunken Banker Week takes a much darker and much more sinister turn with the chilling tale of The Darkness in the Vault.

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