Monday, January 19, 2004

Oh No!

From this post by Boynton and the ensuing comments, it looks like I began something pretty awful when I started using the Google translator to convert pop-songs into obscure modernist poetry. I think the following ode expresses my current feelings on the matter best.

I began a joke which began the whole world to cry,
i-didn't sees however that the joke on me was, of the OH-NR.

I to start to cry, who it whole the world to start to laugh,
OH -, so only to see I'd, which the joke on me.

I considered the skies, presents operation my my eyes,
and I fell from the bed, my head of the things said in a wounding way this I'd.

Until I die finally who it complete world life started,
OH -, I'd only considering the joke on me was.

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