Thursday, February 19, 2004

Talent Spotting

A highly competent manager or a visionary thinker would almost certainly be taking a huge pay cut already to serve in politics – and they'd naturally ask themselves if that sacrifice was really fair on their children.
Colostomy Lugs in The Hun

... the changes that will be wrought under the Latham-inspired, Howard-executed plan will more than halve the total remuneration of MPs in many instances.

A change of that dimension can only make Parliament a far less attractive proposition for high-quality people who, by dint of their talent, are blessed with alternative career options.

Gregory Hywood in The Age

The Federal Magistrates Court has dismissed an appeal by high-profile businessman John Elliott against a bankruptcy notice.

It is related to the failure of the company Water Wheel Holdings, of which Elliott was a director.

The bankruptcy notice was taken out by the administrator of Water Wheel Holdings. It attempts to recover $1.4 million in compensation for the company's 200 creditors.

Administrator Nick Brooke says Mr Elliott must pay him by midnight, or he will institute bankruptcy proceedings in the Federal Court.

It looks like there are still visionary businessmen out there who might be attracted to a parliamentary career after all; it's just a matter of knowing where to look.

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