Friday, March 12, 2004

Studiously Ignoring Madrid

Just up on the ABC web-site this World Today report covers the three competing theories on who was responsible for the Madrid bombings:

Three theories are emerging. The first, favoured by the Spanish Government is that this was the work of the Basque separatist group, ETA.

The bombs are said to have been made with the same type of explosive used in the past by ETA terrorists, though the leader of a Basque political party linked to ETA has denied it was involved.

The second theory is that Muslim extremists possibly linked to al-Qaeda were behind the bombings.

This has been given substance by the discovery of a stolen van containing detonators and a cassette tape of Koranic teachings, and the delivery of a letter to a London Arabic language newspaper purporting to claim responsibility for the attack on behalf of al-Qaeda.

And the final theory is the chilling possibility that this is the work of two terror organisations, which have put aside their ideological differences in order to target a common enemy.

I don't think it's worth adding anything to that. Not even the instructions on how to make "pump canals" for which, according to the Google Translator you need "5 ... spoonfuls" of ETA's favourite explosive.

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