Friday, July 23, 2004


After seeing Lateline last night, I thought today might be a good time to attempt a return to form on the political front. I figured there'd be a lot of kerfuffling about the Flood Report and John Howard's classic performance on The 7.30 Report. I thought maybe we could revisit Mr Howard's Address to The Nation. Back then, Mr Howard was pretty clear on his main justification for going to war:

Therefore the possession of chemical, biological, or even worse still, nuclear weapons by a terrorist network would be a direct undeniable and lethal threat to Australia and its people.

That is the reason above all others why I passionately believe that action must be taken to disarm Iraq. Not only will it take dangerous weapons from that country but it will send a clear signal to other rogue states and terrorists groups like Al Qaeda which clearly want such weapons that the world is prepared to take a stand.

Or we might revisit Sixty Minutes interview with Charles Woolley - the one where Woolley lumped opponents of the war into the "mob" and Howard picked up on the usage and ran with it. Howard's line back then was pretty much that if the mob knew what he knew, they'd be a lot happier to go along with him.

But today, I checked out Troppo Armadillo and decided that it would be a waste of time. Because faux-centrist Ken Parish has gotten hold of a rhetorical Ramset gun and nailed it good and proper.

I guess I'm going to be stuck with topics like Tarte Tatin for a while longer. But here's an invitation from the Stainless Steel Weasel I'd urge everyone to take up come October (or November, or whenever that photo of Mark Latham with the gumboots and ewes ever does turn up):

To those in the community who may not agree with me, please vent your anger against me and towards the government.

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