Sunday, July 24, 2005

21st Century Photogenic Poet-Warrior T-Shirt Guy

Goodbye Assassins, it seems from now on
The gentlefolks' aortas will gush without me.
The last chance to get stained with blood
I let go by.
Ever more often I answer ancient calls
And watch the mountains turn green ...

Lost brothers, time puts us to the proof.
Shoot the heads of the world without me!
Insane mates. The century’s ravens.
The world travels a narrow path,
Without strength or belief, a target or a bullet.
The papers ooze the age lymph;
Confused the devils get married ...

Goodbye, assassins, the boundaries between
The worlds are trampled
Instead of the heart, a hornet drones in vain.
History turned its back on us.
What should one shoot at?
Like an octopus, the age hides its vertebra,
And the winter approaches
With white drifts.

From the wistful Goodbye Assassins by Radovan Karadzic. You can find more of Karadzic's poetry here.

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