Thursday, July 07, 2005

What D'You Say?

So, the Government has decided to bring forward its advertising campaign on industrial relations reform to counter the "gross distortions being peddled by the ACTU in its current campaign against the Government's proposed workplace relations reforms. Mr Howard says that unlike the ACTU campaign the Government's campaign will be fact-based. I just want to take a couple of quick shots at the subject.

Firstly, Kevin Andrews' recent performance on the Government's proposal to allow workers to cash in their annual leave strikes me as a pretty good indication of what we can expect when it comes to the campaigns treatment of the facts on which it's based:

Mr Andrews has told ABC TV's The 7:30 Report that the Labor Government in Western Australia already allows workers to give up two weeks of their holidays in exchange for cash.
He has criticised Opposition Leader Kim Beazley for not being aware of what is going on in his home state.

Andrews' defence of the proposal conveniently omits a few facts that are reported here, among other places.

Secondly, John Howard has drawn an explicit parallel between opposition to industrial relations reform and previous opposition to the introduction of the GST. So I'm expecting the TV ads, when they finally appear to look something like this:

MUSIC: an ambiguous fragmented electric guitar riff which seems to be struggling to find a theme under:

LONG SHOT (extremely underlit, almost monochrome): a factory floor seen from above. The workers walk about the factory and work with jerky robotic motions.

The camera pans and zooms in to:

MEDIUM SHOT: An individual worker, strapped into an elaborate stainless steel exoskeleton thingy which restricts his freedom of movement, forcing him to move robotically. The lighting level increases and we start to see colour.

MUSIC (the guitar riff resolves into a theme, lyrics open): I, I will be king ...

MEDIUM SHOT: The stainless steel exoskeleton thingy disintegrates, releasing the worker ...

MUSIC: And you, you will be queen ...

Cut to MEDIUM SHOT: A female worker is released from her exoskeleton thingy.
Follow this with a montage of more more workers being released from the restrictive exoskeletons.

MUSIC: Though nothing will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be heroes, just for one day
MUSIC cuts to:
We can be heroes, for ever and ever
We can be heroes, What d'you say?
Yes, we can be heroes, for ever and ever
We can be heroes, What d'you say?

Zoom out and pan to LONG SHOT (same framing as opening shot): the factory is now well lit and brightly coloured, the workers move about freely.

VOICE OVER: Workplace reform. Be a hero.

Fade to Black, Commonwealth logo and authorisation details.


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