Sunday, August 07, 2005

Thanks, but No Thanks

Zeppo Bakunin just brought this little item to my attention. It's from the employment pages of The Age:

Are you a team player who enjoys working within a down to earth yet highly professional team? An opportunity now exists for a passionate customer service professional to join an Australian organisation infamous for their cutting edge designs & superior service ... With your highly developed communication skills you take pride in going that extra mile and being recognised for your commitment and hard work ...

It's easy to see that an organisation whose designs and service standards have made it infamous would be crying out for good customer service people, but I find it hard to imagine that they're going to attract anyone who's actually passionate about the job. Unless perhaps, there's a passionate customer service professional out there who's thinking that maybe it's time for a sea-change and reckons a good dose of complete disillusionment might be just the thing to push them along a bit.

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