Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Crap TV Post

24 was a bit of a disappointment last night; it was nowhere near as funny as last week's episode but it had its moments.

Right now, I'm tempted to check out the program's web-site to see how the rest is going to turn out. It would be a pleasing twist if, by the last episode, the terrorist mastermind Marwan has an epiphany and realises that he was being used as a cat's paw by a shadowy cabal of US Military Industrial Complex types who are staging the entire terrorist incident to give themselves the pretext they need to usher in a totalitarian police state. This would lead to an interesting showdown; on one side, Marwan who has rediscovered his essential humanity, determined to redeem himself by preventing the nuclear attack that, up till now, he has worked so hard to bring about and on the other, Jack Bauer, willing to sacrifice his life to further the noble cause of torture in defence of democracy.

I don't see it turning out that way for some reason.

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