Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Obligatory Tuesday 24 Post

Last night's comedy highlights:

The American President agonising (after the event) over whether Jack Bauer should be given the go ahead to torture an American citizen. Torturing a foreign national is one thing but an American citizen...

All that agonising over whether the Prez is up to the job, leading to his realisation, halfway through the episode that he isn't up to the job of Fuhrer of the Free World. But he's stuck with it, because three presidents in as many hours would be too much for public confidence to take.

Chloe, CTU's most brilliant analyst (the one with all the tact and charm of a roadkill porcupine) blows away a terrorist with an assault rifle.

Did I miss any?

Meanwhile, in the real world, the US Senate recently voted 99-9 "to force the Pentagon to set strict standards for the interrogation of prisoners and to prohibit their 'cruel, inhumane or degrading' treatment". They'll be sorry one day when a terrorist mastermind hacks into every nuclear reactor in the US, causing at least one major meltdown and follows that up by stealing a "nukular" weapon to blow up Iowa. Iowa?

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