Monday, October 03, 2005


Do you want a million dollars?

Who wouldn't?



Seriously. I can put a million dollars your way, if you're interested.

What's the catch?

There's a little risk involved, obviously.

Oh, obviously.

Yes, someone might lose their home.

Oh, so as long as I'll take a chance on losing my home, I'll get a million dollars.

No, not your home. This bloke's.

Crap photo. Who is it?

Nobody you know, obviously. Lives in Fremantle. Anyway, that's the deal - you get a million dollars, but he might lose his house.

Oh. So what's this bloke like?

Most people reckon he's a bit of a turd.

Oh, OK.

He's got a family, of course - wife and a couple of kids.

What are they like?

Crazy. Totally dysfunctional the lot of them.

I see.

It's pretty long odds they'll lose the house anyway; say about a hundred to one.



So what do I do, exactly, to get this million dollars?

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