Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Send in the Florists

The best line from last night's 24:

"When I shot that guy, I thought I was going to go all foetal position but I didn't feel anything. I hope I'm not some kind of psychopath."

[Chloe, sharing a moment of self revelation with Edgar]

With all the bizarre twists each episode serves up, it's impossible to predict where the plot goes from here. However, now that Audrey has declared undying hatred for Jack, I wouldn't be surprised if next week we see Jack trying desperately to get to Marwan before the nukular weapon goes off, with Audrey in hot pursuit, hell bent on revenging her dead ex-husband and a crack Interflora special delivery team in hot pursuit of Audrey, hell bent on giving her the two dozen long-stemmed red roses that Jack has ordered as a peace offering. At gunpoint if necessary.

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