Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Payback. It's a Bitch.

Photogenic ANU academic and occasional op-edster, Andrew Leigh evidently fancies himself as a relaxed centrist:

Ideology first, facts second
April 10th, 2006

On the right, Rafe Champion is outraged by the fact that disabled workers have to work for the minimum wage.

On the left, Gummo Trotsky is outraged by Rafe’s outrageous suggestion.

Neither seem to have heard of the Supported Wage System ...

Today (11 April) he's been reading the latest HILDA report (PDF) from the Melbourne Institute and has learnt that:

The poor move house more often than the rich (p36)...

Now that's an odd thing for sure. But possibly it has something to do with the traditional preference the poor have always displayed for cheap rental accomodation over expensive freehold title. Incidentally, why you would link to a potentially out-of-date ILO page on an Australian wage subsidy scheme, when more up-to-date information might be available at the Centrelink web-site escapes me.

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