Thursday, May 04, 2006

Announcing - Slag Off The Green Guide Thursday!

(A Potemkin community service for Melbourne readers)

Gummo's Green Guide highlights:
Preview (p 17):

All About My Mother kicks off with a reference to All About Eve the shrew 1950s melodrama about scheming, competitive actresses ...
(Paul Kalina reviewing the Movie of the Week)

The last time Rebus graced our screens he was portrayed by the elegant John Hannah, who was solid but lacked the right gravitas. Hannah availed himself very well through four instalments but he was never much like Rankin's creation ...
(Chris Middendorp reviews Rebus)

Critic's View (p 22):

Jim Schembri gives The Alan Clark Diaries its first Green Guide review. Pity it's a week too late. To Jim's credit, he does manage to restrict the obligatory snark about a crap program to two pithy paragraphs.

Movies (p 26):

In 1940s Montana, three ranchers are caught up in an essential struggle for survival; one is a tragic, King Lear-type villain (played by Jason Robards) who hopes to usurp the land of his neighbour and former lover ...
(Paul Kalina again, this time on Comes a Horseman)
What's next Paul? A TV series with a Godot-type protagonist? Hang on, the ABC's actually got one of those - the English crime series Taggart.

Feel free to add your own Green Guide highlights in the comments.


Pavlov's Cat said...

The lateness of the Clark Diaries piece may well not have been anything to do with Schembri. One is at the mercy of one's editors and subs, and the promotional people at the TV stations, and the couriers, and God only knows who else.

Gummo Trotsky said...

True enough PC and very fair.

However, somehow the SMH managed to cover the Alan Clark Diaries before the event. Look it's complicated but ...

Brownie said...

Is Pauline Kaelina a real name or pseudonym?

Crystal said...

I have read all Ian Rankin's Rebus novels with great pleasure, and my mind's eye saw him as a Hannah type guy.
The small screen adaptation, or the actor - however good, just doesn't get there for me.
The same with Reg Hill's Dalziel - hysterically funny and clever in book form, but not onscreen.

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