Friday, September 08, 2006

As They Say In The Classics –D’Oh!

I was on the phone to the ex the other day. Although we’re divorced, we still have one or two loose ends to cut off, such as finally winding up the family business – but that’s a whole other story, for some imagined future time when I can deal with the subject with a bit of equanimity.

We got into one of those conversations about where things went wrong. Not the bitter kind but the kind where you look back on things and decide that, all things considered, you didn’t do too badly and you’re left with mild, almost painless feelings regret for what might have been but couldn’t. In that mood I said, “Maybe we should have a divorce anniversary do this year.”

“You’ve missed it again!” she answered, “You know, there’s probably a blog in that.”

She’s right, damn it. Again.

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