Sunday, October 01, 2006

Shite Watch

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is on at the moment – it actually started last Wednesday.

Geelong journalist and blogger, Bernard Slattery has looked into what’s on at the Festival – like this event – and found that it’s all a load of publicly-funded shite.

If you’re fool enough to disregard Bernie’s authoritative opinion – on the entirely spurious basis that it’s based on one selected quotation from an Age article and maybe Bernie should get up to Melbourne to see the show before he dismisses it out of hand – here’s the Festival program. And here’s a page listing all the Festival's partners and sponsors. The Fringe Festival is on for another two weeks, so there’ll be plenty of other shite events you can waste your money on.

Incidentally, nowhere in that Age report do I find any mention of who funded the (alleged) artists who devised the event Bernie doesn't like the sound of.

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