Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Slow Swell of Coming Recrimination

The only thing I've read about yesterday's Burnley Tunnel pile-up is this post at The Dog's Bollocks. The Age has a two page spread about it, but I haven't yet managed to get past the second paragraph of Karen Kissane's article. Some subjects should be addressed simply and directly, with a minimum of literary flourish.

There's also one letter to the editor, describing the pile-up as "a disaster waiting to happen". Some people are quick off the mark, aren't they?

And that's all I wish to say on the subject for today.


GoAwayPlease said...

I do love a good cliche though.

Am now mentally compiling a list of other
'Disasters Waiting To Happen'

High Riser has some great video of tunnel traffic doing really really stupid things.

GoAwayPlease said...

well cut off me legs an call me Shorty. another disaster waiting to happen has happened.

The boat owner survived
when his UNLIT boat,
in the shadow of a very big bridge at 10:30PM on his way
"to LOOK at Russell Crowe's house" fer godssakes,
was demolished killing people
and severing his wife's leg.

He will need to go to the library with his revolver I think.

GoAwayPlease said...

... no, not The Municipal Library, his own.