Thursday, May 03, 2007

Denial of Service

According to the ABC:

Internet registration for the Do Not Call Register starts today, with companies banned from phoning people on the list from the end of the month.


Communications Minister Helen Coonan expects Australians will want to register up to 1 million phone numbers in the first week.

I had a quick word with Zeppo Bakunin about registering our phone number with the register - he told me that he'd already registered his parents' phone - on-line - a couple of months ago. But he'd forgotten whether our number was registered.

So I decided to check. Here's a screen shot of my browser, connected to the Do Not Call register home page. It was taken at 9:54am today.

That's one hell of an achievement for Helen Coonan - she's probably the first Communications Minister, anywhere in the world, to organise - however inadvertently - a denial of service attack on one of her government's own web-sites.

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