Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bare Bones

I botched this one. I drew it after leafing through one of those "anatomy for artists" books. It was drawn from touch as much as it was from sight, poking fingers into various parts of my face to find the bony structures holding up the muscle, fat, skin and hair. With those details picked out with faint lines (4H pencil), I figured I could build up a more accurately proportioned and shaded face.

It didn't work out that way, for reasons I won't go into, so it's time for a break from the drawing for a day or two. Then I might try it again.


dj said...

Nice portrait of Philip Ruddock Gummo, good work!

Gummo Trotsky said...

That's a somewhat disturbing thought dj.

But just for the hell of it, I might revisit that concept over the next couple of days.