Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What & Who?

Part 1: What am I?

I am a world famous building, in a world famous city. According to local folklore, I used to have the best views in town. I was originally built as the head offices of an insurance company; after a period of social upheaval in the early 20th Century I became the headquarters of a government organisation.

I am a massive edifice, but my design avoids an impression of heroic scale. In 1940, my country's most famous architect was commissioned to double my size, to provide extra office space for an increasingly cramped staff. The re-design emphasised neo-renaissance detailing. Only half my facade was remodelled during this reconstruction, leaving me with an asymmetrical facade. This defect remained uncorrected until 1983, under a later successor to the patron of my designer.

Who am I?

I was born on September 26, 1873 and died on May 24, 1949. I am the architect of the 1940s reconstruction the building in part 1. I have a museum of architecture named after me.


Nabakov said...

Ask an easy one, why don't you.

The Lubyanka, remodelled by Alexey Viktorovich Shchusev.

Gummo Trotsky said...

Oh, alright then. In the same vein:

World's most notorious film set, built 1934? Designed by?

Gummo Trotsky said...

Oh - that notorious film set is in Germany, BTW. Still standing.

Damn, that's probably a giveaway now.