Saturday, December 08, 2007

PC Santa No 1 - Santa Clara the Wimmin's Santa

I put this image together for my own "art" challenge at Larvatus Prodeo. So far, it's looking like an easy winner - it's the only entry.

But that might change, thanks to this fulminating post at Slattsnews. It seems Port Phillip Council tried, and failed to put the kibosh on this years Santa Pub Crawl. Just as every Australian kid has a right to Santa, every red-blooded Australian male has the right to put on a Santa suit, go out with a few mates and get blind drunk - so long as it raises money for charity. And if a left-leaning city council tries to get it called off, with a lot of cant about public safety, it becomes an act of civic protest into the bargain.

Only a few days into this year's season, and we're already seeing some top quality Santa-bothering. Makes you proud to be an Aussie, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Sorry Gummo, your prejudices are showing. The Yuletide roundsman reports there were almost as many Santaesses as Santas. Game to slag off at red-blooded Australian women?

Gummo Trotsky said...

That doesn't appear to have made it into the published report slatts - the Hun only mentions "Santas" no "Santesses".

But, if there were red blooded Aussie females there too, getting themselves shitfaced for a good cause, why not slag them off a bit? They're as stupid as the blokes.

There you go - red-blooded Aussie women slagged off as requested.

You really need to get a grip mate - you're not going to make it through the next three years without a major cerebrovascular accident if you keep whipping yourself into a rage over things you imagine to be "politically correct". Get a sense of humour before you kill yourself.