Saturday, December 15, 2007

Then ... Now

THIS may be my last column. If you don’t see me again, you’ll know the Pinata Left has whacked me, too.
You see, Kevin Rudd’s victory has unleashed a horde of haters with sticks who are trying to sack conservative commentators and close down debate.

Their demands are simple. They won. So shut up. No more of these “culture wars”. No dissent.
Andrew Bolt, yesterday, toeing the "if I do get sacked it will be because Rupert Murdoch is a tool of the left" line first enunciated by Tom Switzer.
And The Age gives this woman [Tracee Hutchison] a platform. Has it no shame, or even a sense of self-preservation?
Andrew Bolt, today.
I suppose by The Hun's standards, calling on the management of your major commercial rival to show some shame or even a sense of self-preservation and sack one of its columnists is a responsible and proper exercise of free speech.

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