Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just Getting My Hand In

As Ken Parish has announced in this comment at Club Troppo, I'll be joining the Missing Link team on a mutually probationary basis (I'll get an "I told you so" from Ziggy Stellenstaub, my personal head care specialist when I tell him about this). I figure it won't do any harm to put in a little practice before I actually have to start producing those snippy little notes about who's hot, and who's not. Here goes...

The knives are out for Petro Georgiou again, with ex-Howard-staffer Joshua Frydenberg making another bid for preselection. The former Mr Lefty is all for it because narrowing the Liberal Party church is "the way back to government, after all". The ever truthful Andrew Bolt is for it too, because "safe seats aren't for keeping warm".

Ironically, the bid is sponsored by the Costello/Kroger forces within the Victorian Liberal party and Costello's made his position on his political future quite clear on the night of the last Federal Election - he was only going to stay in Parliament to keep the seat of Higgins warm, while he sought opportunities in the private sector. Perhaps they're keeping Higgins as a back up, in case Frydenberg's bid for preselection in Kooyong fails yet again.

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