Thursday, October 31, 2002

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Thursday, 31 October 2002

Sydney's Hyde Park looks like the place to be on Sunday afternoon (thanks to Angela Bell for this item) where Free Bodies is planning a demonstration in support of the decriminalisation of public nudity.

I find it difficult to see how anyone - especially libertarians - could oppose this idea, especially in a political climate where our internal and external enemies are being castigated by many for insisting that their female adherents wear too much damn clothing. Still I have reservations. Despite all those marvellous pictures of healthy, young and 50% nubile bodies used to promote naturism in the pages of "Health and Efficiency", we must acknowledge the sad fact that young nudists inevitably grow into old nudists. I'm sure many Sydney-siders wouldn't be too thrilled to find Rundle Mall teeming with middle-aged naked civil servants every lunch time. As Rex Mossop famously remarked apropos nude beaches "Male genitals shouldn't be rammed down people's throats".

On the other hand, the Free Bodies campaign might be just what we need to promote a more peaceful society and world order. As English satirist Peter Cook once remarked "No-one's ever fought a war for nudism." So I wish Free Bodies well in their campaign but I doubt that I will be joining them. I'd rather keep this debilitated middle-aged body under wraps - at least in public.

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