Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Silver Tonsils and Silver Linings

Wednesday 30 October, 2002

Although this post is at least a day overdue, I can't let the whole week go by without commenting on MediaWatch's latest stoush with Alan Jones and John Laws.

Thoug the facts appear to be depressingly sleazy, I couldn't help finding one small consolation - with both halves of the duumvirate (that's what you're left with after two members of a triumvirate assassinate the third) which currently rules the Sydney air-waves broadcasting fearlessly and objectively favorable comment on the improving performance of Telstra's mobile network, it's going to be much harder to blame bad mobile phone reception the next time a government minister wants to profess ignorance of facts he's been lying about. Unless, of course, the government switches to one of the other telecommunications providers.

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