Thursday, November 21, 2002

A Brief Thank-You Note

Thursday, 21 November 2002

I've had a few E-Mails expressing approbation of the Slavery and Double Effect item I posted yesterday. Of the E-Mails I've received so far, 75% have been more or less favourable, with one correspondent who tells me that he is still kacking himself. I've replied to most, although I still have a couple to go. I suspect I may have given Robert Corr shorter shrift than I intended - I suspect my reaction to his E-Mail was similar to that I got from a friend several years ago when he proudly showed me his collection of hand-painted 25mm Napoleonic miniatures and I tactfully pointed out that the skin tones on their tiny hands and faces were a bit off. He was as passionately devoted to his hobby as I am to mine and, as a result, perhaps a little over-sensitive to well-intended positive criticism.

Dr John Ray has also written to draw my attention to this post where, as is his right, he dishes up a little gander-sauce to yours truly. Personally I think Dr Ray's batch is a little too fresh out of the bottle, and a few days in the back of the larder would do a great deal to improve it.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who took the trouble to write, it's good to know that I've got the pointy end of the Potemkin pointing the right way. Sometimes it's hard to tell with a tug boat.

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