Monday, March 31, 2003

And the First Nominee is ...

Monday, 31 March 2003

I spent the week-end with the rainforest editions of The Age and The Australian. Besides reading up on the New South Wales Right of the Anglican Church (apparently they're a lot like the Sydney Diocese of the Australian Labor Party) in The Age's Good Weekend colour supplement, I was looking for likely contenders for the new "Snob of the Week" spot. I found this disappointing effort in The Weekend Australian Magazine:

Extraordinary that a couple of women could go and see a much discussed film about [Virginia} Woolf, sit all the way through it and not have the foggiest idea, after all that, who the hell she was. And you suspect this may be the case with the overwhelming majority of those seeing The Hours. Yet they'll know everything it's possible to know and far more than you need to know about Nicole [Kidman] and her marital vicissitudes - and all about her prosthetic nose.

You won't find this on-line: instead, you'll find a much better article about religious fundamentalism, from the same author.

Still, there's no way out of it - thanks to his article in the print edition of The Weekend Australian, Phillip Adams is the current front-runner for Snob of the Week. I'm starting to go off this idea.

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