Wednesday, March 19, 2003

She Agrees With Them and I Agree With ...

Wednesday, 19 March 2003

If you passed over this post by Ken Parish yesterday, you might have missed this article in the Australian, where a group of international lawyers argue that an attack on Iraq is legal. Ken has expressed doubts about their argument, basically on the grounds that whatever they are talking about, it's not law as he understands the term.

I almost found myself in agreement with Ken, at least on his point that whatever a UN Security Council resolution might be it isn't international law. But today, once again in the Australian, I found this heroic article which puts the legal case for war with a great deal of force and originality. So, faced with a choice between the opinion of a sometimes opinionated Australian legal academic at a minor commercial college, who doesn't appear to be forward thinking enough to recognise that the way of the future in legal education is combined degrees in Physical Education and Law and the opinion of my favourite hero-columnist, I know which way I'm going to decide. I'm probably going to cop some stick for saying that. It's unfortunate that Haloscan has fallen over yet again because Ken will just have to dish it out on his own blog rather than doing it here.

Update: No, Haloscan is back again.

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