Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Another Silly Tug Boat Potemkin Comp

Wednesday, 9 April 2003

In last night's enthusiastic rush to get Luddite No More started, I forgot to spell out exactly what I was looking for when I asked for suggestions for Senator Richard Alston's introductory blog.

Basically, I'm being lazy, and asking for someone to write Senator Richard Alston's "first" blog for me - the customary, "about myself" post where a blogger introduces himself to the blogosphere and sets out his ambitions for his blog. Why would a Minister for Communications, Information and the Arts (and Luddite in recovery) start a blog? All you need to do to win nothing except the glory of ghost-writing for Senator Alston is answer this question. Try to think of it as fun, or if that doesn't grab you, think of the challenge.

As the blog is hosted on Blogger "free" there are some technical limitations. You'll need to keep it short - no more than about 2000 characters. That includes any HTML mark-up you decide to use, including hyperlinks. My post "Short, Ugly and Annoying" down the page a little is a good indication of where your maximum length is. Beyond that, the only requirement is to make it witty, insightful and funny. I think that Monday is a little tight for a deadline, so how does next Wednesday sound?

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