Monday, April 07, 2003

Snob of the Week

And the Winner Is ...

Monday, 7 April 2003

... up to you people. Yes, you damn it!

I was hoping to use one of those Bravenet mini-poll things to give Snob of the Week a sort-of structured interactive reader-interface thingy. I'm having trouble with getting registered (I think it's something to do with living outside the US or Canada and hence in a State/Province not in their comprehensive list of the world's regional government areas). So, instead, we'll just have to use the comments thread for voting on my two nominees from Saturday's Weekend Australian. You'll find them below (permalinks dudding again). Feel free to throw in your own if you've noticed any other worthy contenders, or any come up during the next 4 days (voting closes on Friday, when I post the winner).

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