Monday, April 14, 2003

More Second Thoughts

I think I may have been a little harsh on Uncle Hugh : he may have been onto something in his article in the Saturday Age after all. It looks like the Federal Government's head union kicker Tony Abbott has adopted the approach to life Hugh says a lot of ordinary Australians are taking; forget the world situation and concentrate on the things you can control. In Tony's case that means the building unions:

The Federal Government has stepped up its campaign against the powerful Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, declaring unacceptable deals between the union and two big construction companies.

Australia Post will call for fresh tenders for a new mail screening facility at Melbourne Airport because the two preferred tenderers have breached federal industrial relations standards.

The $20 million facility, which will be part of the anti-terrorism fight as well as protecting against exotic diseases and illegal drugs coming into the country, was to be completed by the end of this year. It is now likely to be delayed at least several months.
[My emphasis]

I don't intend to spend a lot of time on criticising Abbott's actions. Not today, anyway. And I'm certainly not going to criticise it on the grounds that it shows that the Government is more serious about fighting the building unions than terrorism, exotic diseases or illegal drugs. Abbott is setting an admirable example of how to be alert, but not alarmed. Of course it's going to be interesting to hear what he has to say when the Parliamentary debate on the ASIO Bill is resumed. Assuming that he does have anything to say of course.

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