Monday, April 14, 2003

Then Again ... and Then Again ...

After posting "Personally, I Blame the Parents", I had a few second thoughts which I decided to note down and try to shape into yet another post on this report in the SMH. While I was writing it, I started having third thoughts and for now I've put it aside for sometime between later maybe and probably never.

At the risk of firing off a second crossbow bolt in the general direction of a low-flying albatross, I'm having doubts about the story of US Army Private Nick Boggs. I think it may have outgrown its school uniform. And while it's an interesting basis for a post, I think it's largely a waste of time if the original story is bogus. If I go down that route, I might as well start writing a complete exegesis of Aesop's fables or semiotic analyses of Beatrix Potter.

Naturally, I will be embarassed if it turns out that, once again, my suspicions are unfounded. But if they're not I'm going to be very angry: I may have wasted a perfectly good Jehovah's Witnesses story that could have been used on a better occasion.

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