Tuesday, June 24, 2003

... And She Won't Be Singing Nessun Dorma

Chris Sheil at Troppo Armadillo has another update on the Windschuttle saga, Windschuttle and the Fat Lady with a link to this assessment of Keith's work by historian Stuart MacIntyre. If it weren't mixing an already overstretched metaphor, I'd say that MacIntyre not only hoists Windschuttle by his own petard - he does a good job of drawing and quartering him too. As Chris says:

While clearly there are many words still to be spent on this business, my feeling is that the Fat Lady may as well begin clearing her throat.

If you know any suitable arias for the Fat Lady to sing, please nominate them in the comments box. Or over at Troppo. (At the risk of blowing my smart-arse cred, I don't know enough about opera to suggest any myself).

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