Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Days of Our Dole

The ABC, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald all reported yesterday on a new study by the University of Melbourne's Centre for Public Policy, showing that people on the dole are so shagged out from jumping through the "Mutual Obligation" hoops that they don't have the energy left to find work.

On a more cheerful note, there's this report from The Age:

People who rack up welfare debts will not have their credit ratings affected when Centrelink puts their case into the hands of a debt collection agency.

Children and Youth Affairs Minister Larry Anthony has assured parliament that because Centrelink is not a credit provider, information about Centrelink debts can not be collected by credit reference agencies.

He was responding to a question on notice from Labor MP Con Sciacca.

So, if Centrelink's debt collectors take you through the Judgement Debt Recovery process, leading to a sheriff's auction of of your domestic whitegoods at laughably low prices, never mind. You'll be able to buy a new fridge on the Visa Card you'll be able to get with your impeccable credit rating.

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