Monday, July 21, 2003

Culture War Fizzles

Depending on who you read, the Review of the National Museum of Australia Its Exhibitions and Public Programs has either confirmed that the National Museum is a disgrace and not worth a Captain Cook, or basically unbiased but could do better.

In the report's conclusions, the review panel states:

... the Museum’s principal weakness is its story-telling - the NMA is short on compelling narratives, engagingly presented dramatic realisations of important events and themes in the Australian story. And there are too few focal objects, radiant and numinous enough to generate memorable vignettes, or to be drawn out into fundamental moments.

Having searched the web for suitably radiant and numinous objects, I think the museum could do worse than to acquire a few natty hats and perhaps a gorgeous frock or two (the latter might also be a source of inspiration for anyone with an unwanted wedding gown or two on their hands).

Update: here's another natty hat which would look very good next to one of those Bradman baggy greens.

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