Thursday, July 10, 2003

Hun Runs with "Sex Swap Cop" Shocker

Following up on yesterday's front page story, The Melbourne Hun offers some in-depth coverage and analysis on the controversy over the possibility that the Victoria Police may soon have transsexual within its ranks. The police force is in revolt:

THE police force is split over plans by a transsexual to join its ranks.

The rift between officers and police command emerged as the
Herald Sun learned a second transsexual wants to become a policewoman.

Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon yesterday refused to comment, but a spokesman claimed most police would back the move.

However an overwhelming majority of officers surveyed by the
Herald Sun yesterday said they did not want transsexual officers.

And 81 per cent of
Herald Sun readers who responded to a Voteline survey also opposed transsexuals being allowed to become police.

On the other hand, when Hun reporter Holly Ife took to the question to the streets yesterday, she found a different picture:

MELBURNIANS surveyed yesterday predominantly supported the right of a transsexual man to join Victoria Police.

A Herald Sun vox pop found the majority questioned believed the ability to do the job was more important than sexuality.

Nonetheless, The Hun's editorialist decided that the Voteline results provided enough moral high ground to declare:

Police Minister Andre Haermeyer, predictably, takes the rigid, politically correct view that in all circumstances everyone must get equal opportunity.

But in the real world of cops and robbers, what really matters is what the community wants from its police.

The public expects officers not only to uphold the law but to be acceptable role models.

Unfortunately, The Hun's crusade on this issue might have been a little counter-productive:

ANOTHER transsexual said she wanted to join the Victoria Police yesterday.

The transgender woman, who was born a man, went to a bayside police station to obtain application forms.

The issue has also drawn international attention, with reports appearing at The Independent On Line and Brunei Direct.

It looks like The Hun has found an issue to run with for the next few days. I suspect that eventually we can expect to see a Hun editorial something like this:

The decision to accept a transsexual recruit into the Victoria Police Force was a disastrous decision. Recruit X's decision to withdraw his application to join the police force was the best decision for himself, the Victorian community and the Victoria Police.

Herald Sun is sorry for Recruit X himself, who should not have been put into this situation. It has been very difficult for him and we congratulate Recruit X on his good sense. In withdrawing his application Recruit X has averted a growing crisis in the Victoria Police force and the Victorian community generally.

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