Thursday, December 04, 2003

And He Spake, Saying ...

Be not in error.

Every Roman centurion in Jerusalem who has heard the preachings of Mark ben Latham hath no respect for this false prophet.

Yea verily, in the temples and the tribunals the Romans will say that they would as willingly have this Mark ben Latham rule Judea as Herod.

Yea verily, this is truth, but tke not comfort in it.

For I tell ye that if the Lord should turn his back on the children of Israel and allow Mark ben Latham to become king, no good shall come of it.

He shall go to Rome the least regarded of the Kings of Israel, since Gough.

Caesar would rather lose the use4 of his arm than look upon Mark ben Latham with favour.

From The Revelation of the Prophet Gregory the Gormless, reprinted in today's Oz

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