Friday, December 05, 2003

The Bounder of St Huey's

There was consternation in the prefect's common room of Menzies House, the leading house in St Huey's.

"I say you chaps!" said John Winston Howard, the senior prefect, "This Latham fellow whose taken over Curtin is simply beyond the pale!"

Heads nodded in agreement - Latham was beyond the pale.

"It's about time young Latham realised he's in the big school now." Howard went on. "Frankly I don't think he's up to it. God help St Huey's if he ever takes my place as Head Boy of School."

"Hear, hear." his chums muttered, even Costello, Treasurer of the school cricket team, who had once aspired to be Head of School himself.

"They won't like Latham at Washington's." muttered Sheridan Minor, today's duty fag, as he buttered another toasted muffin.

"Mind your own business, Sheridan!" expostulated Howard, irritated at having his thunder stolen by a Junior, "And do try not to burn the toast."

"They won't like him at Washington's." Howard continued, "They don't take kindly to having their head boy insulted by St Huey's chaps."

"Things could get damn sticky for St Huey's if we can't stop him becoming Head Boy." someone muttered from the back of the room. "Sheridan, you're skimping on the butter again, you loathsome little tick."

Howard's face darkened. "If I have anything to do with it, Latham will never be head boy of St Huey's," he said. "When I go up it will be one of you chaps who takes my place," he went on, looking at a point on the wall mid-way between Costello and Abbott.

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